Class-D audio amplifier
(patented UCD technology)

The unique modulation technique that we integrate in our class-D amplifiers results in audiophile sound quality. The remarkably compact and high quality design of our amplifiers yields optimal design freedom for your audio system and allows you to focus on your product. Our class-D amplifiers are the amps of choice for well-known audio brands, both for audiophile and professional applications. Together with a dedicated Klank Audio Power Supply, you can ensure world-class audio quality.

1X50W Class D amplifier: AMP 1x50H/8

1X1000W Class D amplifier: AMP 1x1000F/4

2x250W/1x500W Class D amplifier: AMP 2x250H/4 or AMP 1x500F/8


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Audio Power Supplies

Our dedicated Audio Power Supplies, specifically designed for use with audio amplifiers, are both powerful and efficient, allowing for optimal performance of your audio application. The superbly dynamic power range of our Audio Power Supplies allows for the highest sound quality in both professional and audiophile applications for renowned audio brands. Together with our unique Klank Audio class-D amplifiers, you can ensure world-class audio quality.

High Dynamic Audio Power Supply: PSU HD200

Audio Power Supply: PSU PB50-35


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Audio Power Board

To ensure the highest possible audio quality and ease of design for your product, Klank Audio has integrated class-D amplifiers and Audio Power Supplies into plug-and-play audio solutions for the highest performance audio applications. These Audio Power Boards are quickly built into a high quality audio system, providing both symmetrical auxiliary output voltages for analog electronics and an output voltage for digital circuitry, which is also present in standby mode. Klank Audio provides your audio solution of choice, both for audiophile and professional audio applications.

Audio Power Board 100: APB100

Audio Power Board 200: APB200



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